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Guys, You May Need A Work Wardrobe Makeover If…

I offered free wardrobe reviews this month and since then, I’ve seen some things. Now you know I start every wardrobe review with a declaration to my clients of non-judgment...But guys, I’ve seen a few clothing items in your closets that made this little stylist shed a few tears (on the inside). If you see these items in your work wardrobe, I have a message for you - The 90’s want their clothes back!


Why is this a huge no no? Because unless your office happens to be on golf course or you are Russell Simmons, you look dated and foolish.

If you have an athletic build or a broader chest, the sweater vest silhouette boxes off your natural frame. You’ve worked hard for your #GAINS and that argyle sweater vest is hiding all of your hard work! On the other hand, if you love beer and have a belly that professes all that love, the argyle sweater vest exacerbates the area more, making you look wider. Not good.

SOLUTION: Try a solid v-neck sweater layered over your button down and tie. (Here’s a nice one! CLICK ) I promise, the cute girl two desks over will notice the upgrade.


The next time you are at the store looking to buy new work pants, whether traditional suiting or more business casual chinos, do me a favor and cruise right pass the yucky pants with pleats. Pleated pants were what our dads wore back in the day when pants were tailored to sit at your true waist. Today, you guys prefer your pants to sit at the hip for a comfortable feel yet still polished fit. Pull on a pair of pleated pants and all of a sudden BAM! You have curvy woman hips with this weird bunchy, creasy balloon over your pelvic area. I think we can all agree that’s not what we want right?

SOLUTION: Stick to Flat Front Pants. Period. (Try these they have awesome stretch CLICK )

Bunchy and weird or Flat and Polished?


Did you ever notice how wide Fred Flintstone’s feet are (and the fact that he doesn’t wear pants) ? That’s how you look when you wear square toe shoes.

They make you look short and squat versus a slimmer toe which elongates your legs. The only exception to this rule is for guys that visit construction sites often (Fred worked in a rock quarry and was still barefoot). The steel toe that fits snuggly into that square front is crucial. Safety first! Upgrade to a sleeker, slimmer toe and instantly look inches taller and more streamline. Now who wouldn’t want that?

SOLUTION: Ditch the paddle shoes and find some sexy, slim footwear! (Like these CLICK )

So, do you have any of these things in your closet? If so, try at least one of these little upgrades and see a transformation in your work wardrobe from dated to stylish!

Got a style question? Leave in comments below!

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I am Melissa Joy and I am a CONFIDENCE CREATOR! I typically work with super motivated people who understand the impact a STYLISH and CONFIDENT SELF IMAGE has on crushing their goals. They have the challenge of defining a personal style that aligns with where they are today and where they aspire to be tomorrow. I help them with my tailored approach to REFINE, REFRESH and REBOOT their wardrobe so that it works with the lifestyle they desire.

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P: 732-428-2216

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