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9 months ago I lost my career as a Visual Merchandiser for over a decade and I was mad about it. That’s a super cliche way to start to an article I know, but that’s what happened. I was mad because the truth is we aren’t meant to be disposable capital. Nor are we meant to work at the disposal of others. We blindly give others power over our skills and talents, but the truth is, we are meant to be the owners of OUR gifts, OUR ideas and OUR will.

Grind in your 20's, Build in your 30's, Chill in your 40's

“Grind in your 20’s, Build in your 30’s, Chill in your 40’s.” I read that once on Pinterest and that really resonated with me (Fact: saving tons of #bossbabe pins is the right thing to do at 2am when you just lost your job and you need to pull yourself together to convince yourself this is THE moment you exit the Grind and start to Build).

The early part of my career was the “GRIND”- crazy hours, learning new skills and building relationships. All of this is awesome AND necessary, but how do you react when no matter how hard you worked, how much love and passion you poured in, hours you clocked, ideas you shared or people you inspired, it’s suddenly taken away from you?


This process empowered me to self reflect and explore what my next move was going to be and eventually became the 3 Pillars MJB style solutions.

My mission is to serve others by styling them to look their best, so they can feel their best, through life’s every milestone- off to college, first job interview, first date, engagement, wedding, baby #1, first day of school etc. Helping people rediscover the value of what they already own inspired me to reevaluate my own values.

REFINE- Designed to edit out clothes that no longer serve your needs or lifestyle.

Just as I help clients confront their closet and all of its contents (including the ill-fitting “going out top” that you’ve held on to before the 3 kids and 10pm sleep time), it was time I confronted the negative emotions that were holding me back. Out with the doubt, dependency on others for my success and fear of failing!

REFRESH- Designed to create fresh looks with what you already own.

Taking stock of my positive values was really important to rebuilding my confidence. I had to recognize that I already possessed the willingness to work hard, the humbleness to start over and the passion to help others. Strength in these values made me feel braver than I ever felt in my life.

REBOOT- Designed to find new pieces that will get you out of your COMFORT ZONE!

Now that I’ve made room for growth, it was time to fill it with new ideas, new opportunities and new potential. I have had to challenge myself out of my comfort zone to build this business- start a blog, leverage technology, go in overdrive on social media, shamelessly plug my services to my entire family, friends and pretty much anyone I met. Now, I crave the challenge. The better I get, the more I learn, and the more people I can serve.

MJB style solutions was born out of the responsibility to share my gifts, to help people feel their best, out of the curiosity to reach my own potential as a stylist and a person, and taking a chance on myself.


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