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DRESS ACCORDINGLY - What to wear to eat Thanksgiving Dinner...ALL OF IT

Happy Thanksgiving ALL! Today is one of those special times of the year where you can eat pretty much everything with little to zero guilt so ENJOY IT! 

Here's some tips on what to wear to dinner so you can go have Mom's Turkey, your sister's mash potatoes,  Auntie's pie and your other Auntie's weird casserole that no one loves but you're not rude so you'll have some anyway  :

Guys - Skip the button down shirt and just go for the pullover sweater. Or at least put that sweater over the button down! No one needs to see the struggle of shirt buttons holding on for dear life when you go for seconds!

Girls - Just wear the leggings! Who's judging? Not this girl! You ran the miles, your Fitbit is proud and you can get back on it tomorrow. 

That's it! Enjoy the food, your friends and family! Happy Thanksgiving!


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