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Stay Warm, Look Cool !

The warm weather streak is officially over! (Insert major sigh here) Lots of clients ask me how to properly wrap their Blanket Scarf around their neck to achieve maximum warmth without choking themselves under a load of fabric AND still look Cool (Ironic no?)

Here it is:

- Hold the scarf fully open in front of you.

- Grab one corner of the scarf and let the rest hang loose. This creates fullness around the middle of the scarf which give extra warmth to your neck and create tapering at the ends to make it easy to wrap and tuck!

- Place scarf around your neck making one side longer than the other.

- Wrap scarf around neck twice (Drafty necks are the pits!)

- Tuck one or both ends of scarf under the wraps to stay put & Boom! Your Warm...and Cool ! ​

Got a style Question? Leave it in the comments!

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