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Ready for the ULTIMATE style experience?

Let's start with a FREE Discovery Call to identify what you want your personal style to reveal, reflect and represent about yourself.


APPOINTMENT 1- I'll REFINE your closet by clearing the clutter & making room for all the right pieces to build the ultimate wardrobe. Feel good knowing all the items will be donated to local charities! With a clean slate, I will prepare a strategic shopping list that will include basics, essentials and investment pieces.


APPOINTMENT 2 - After I've purchased all the items you need  to REBOOT your wardrobe, I'll personally deliver your new purchases straight to your home. During our REFRESH style session, I will show you how to integrate your new items with your existing wardrobe and style 30+ outfits, beautifully presented in a convenient pdf formatted Visual Style Guide (See Gallery Tab for Samples).

REFINE- Closet Cleanse

Tired of a cluttered closet that causes stress every time you try to get dressed?

Let's start with a FREE Discovery Call to discuss the scope of work needed and what pieces of clothing are the most bothersome.

After an easy wardrobe review, I will edit out the old, unflattering and ill fitting items from your closet. Good condition items will be collected for Local donations. I'll put together a suggested shopping list, links included, of any missing basics or essential pieces that would maximize and round out your current wardrobe. 

REFRESH - Visual Style Guide

Wearing the perfect outfit (AWESOME).  Never having to think about what to wear again (EVEN BETTER!)

Let's start with a FREE Discovery Call to talk about your style goals & challenges.


Whether your style goal is to look great for work, a special occasion or date night, I'll show you just how much potential your wardrobe holds! Our style session will start with useful styling tips like best colors, fabrics and silhouettes that are most flattering on YOU. Then, I’ll style outfits straight from your closet. Of course we can also enhance your wardrobe by adding  personal shopping too! I'll capture all of your looks in beautiful and clear pics and in just a few days, you will receive a convenient pdf formatted Visual Style Guide of 30+ outfits (See Gallery Tab for Samples). Getting dressed just got easier!

REBOOT- Personal Shopping

Too busy, don't know what to look for or JUST HATE SHOPPING?

Let's start with a FREE Discovery Call so I can learn what event, environment or lifestyle your dressing for.


After a relaxed wardrobe review, I will prepare a strategic shopping list. This will make sure you stay within budget, invest in the right pieces and guarantee your purchases will work with your existing wardrobe.


- OPTION 1- Let me shop for you! I'll bring all purchases to your home and take care of any returns/exchanges.

- OPTION 2- Let's shop together! I will Pre-pull items for you. When you arrive at the store, just head straight to the fitting room! 

Of course we will go over how to integrate these new pieces into your existing wardrobe so you get the greatest value out of each purchase!


Let's start by booking your FREE Discovery Call. We will learn more about your style challenges and together we will create your tailored package! 

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