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R.R.R - The Ultimate

" I had a wonderful experience with Melissa. She was able to broaden my perspectives on what 'style' means without breaking the bank. We picked out clothes that were past their prime and then from there worked on what my overall wardrobe goals were. Within 2 days she brought over the whole mall essentially with a couple of sizes for each item and from there I got to go shopping in the comfort of my home. Next, with each piece she organized a Visual Style Guide to exactly how I like to get dressed, with outfits I would have never dreamed to combine. "

- Cassidy W. 


" I've always been confused on what "my" style was. She listened to the looks I've been trying to achieve, and looked into my closet and was able to pin point exactly what I needed. My overall favorite part was the REFRESH, where she took the clothes I've owned forever and her new purchases... and helped me piece them together! It was so natural and effortless,  I was confident to wear these clothes after. Sometimes you have to admit you're not a fashionista and ask for help-- never been happier since I did. "

- Lynsey B.

REFINE - Closet Cleanse

" I've always loved fashion but never realized how much I was hoarding!? Honestly this is not even 1/3 of it all but I can't even begin to express how freeing it felt to let go...let go of my 'skinny' pre-kids clothes that I've been saving to fit back into 'one day'. "...She told me ' Love who you are now, not who you were yesterday or who you hope to be tommorow. You have too start with now.' Her words totally resonated with me and I was finally able to let go! "

Nicole @mommytipsbycole


" I've needed to do a major clean out of my closet for the longest time. I've kept clothes that I haven't worn in forever, that don't fit anymore, that I've never even worn, items that I've loved so much that they've been worn down. With her organization skills, I'm now able to see all the clothes that I own and put together multiple outfits instead of feeling like I have nothing to wear and end up buying even more clothes. "

- Jackie R.

REFRESH - Personal Styling 

"I was given the "Refresh" session as a gift and couldn't be more happy with the way my LookBook turned out. I learned to mix and match my wardrobe with pieces that I already have and love the flexibility of Melissa's style. She came up with 40+ outfits without having to spend any $$!! There are different style dimensions to menswear that I didn't know existed and thanks to Melissa for opening up that world to me. GREAT JOB!!!"


- Harold E.


Not only does Melissa incorporate the timeless pieces in your wardrobe but she'll help you find just the right pieces to achieve the look you are striving for. My whole wardrobe is now fashionable and comfortable! It embodies both my professional and fun side. My confidence is through the roof! One of the best investments for myself that I've made.


- JT

REBOOT - Personal Shopping

" If you are someone who just has no time for yourself but wants to look like you have the time to look for the perfect outfit, then call MJB! I was overwhelmed trying to figure out how to purge my closet amidst a big move. She took the emotion out and helped me streamline my wardrobe life!! It's really quite perfect! I am glad to recommend her to any and everyone because she's lifted a weight that I didn't even realize I had!"


- Gracelyyn D.


As a plus size soon to be bride, I was super anxious about having our engagement photos taken, so I hired MJB to help me pick out some outfits for my upcoming engagement shoot. She took into consideration ... the whole vibe of our wedding story. The fact that she came to our house for all the consultations and try-ons meant that Thomas and I didn't have to spend our weekends looking for dresses and suits -- SO worth it. More importantly she found items that made me feel beautiful and confident, all whole staying under budget! 

- Alice O.


" Melissa is amazing! Her eye for style is impeccable & she's so fun to work with! She gives you such personal attention & works with what you like while knowing how to comfortably take you out of your comfort zone. She helped style me for a work event & I received compliments all night. I can't wait for her to help me revamp my wardrobe & closet next! " 

- Claire D.


" My son, Matan, who is heading off to college shortly & has lost a significant amount of weight recently, really needed an "image makeover" & after interviewing several prospective companies we chose Melissa. As a busy working mother, time is something I just don't have enough of.  He got almost a dozen compliments on his first day back at school after his shopping trip, which made him feel great & thrilled me. Whether you're re-doing or adding to your wardrobe for a special event, weight loss, or just a fresh new look, I would highly recommend Melissa. 

- Michele L. 

" MJB style solutions was so helpful, especially as I've been going through a weight transformation and have been learning to feel comfortable in my own skin. While I normally hate shopping and trying things on, Melissa makes the whole process painless and easy. Best of all, was the Visual Style Guide she made me. I just pull out the PDF she sent me, find an outfit that fits the weather and pull it on. It's as easy as that and I know that when I step out of the house in the morning I look and feel great, something that I haven't experienced in a while.  "


- Matan L.


" Melissa provides a valuable service and I am definitely a customer for life!! She has a great sense of style that, through her continued services, blended with my own style as she learned what I was comfortable wearing while also pushing me to try different trends. Her REFRESH session makes you fall in love with your closet again by creating outfits from existing pieces in your closet in a variety of ways with the reward of your very own Visual Style Guide. 


- Jamie M.

Professional Image Workshop

" Melissa is a gem! She helped out with a Rutgers career workshop on preparing for life after college. Melissa brought multiple outfits and taught us (both students and administrators) so much about what to wear for interviews, different kinds of workplace culture, etc. She also gave us practical advice about makeup, hair styling, and more. She was so real and down-to-earth and generous with her time. " 


- Sheryl S.

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