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Hey there, I'm Melissa Joy!

As your Personal Stylist, I will help you define, embrace and celebrate your TRUE STYLE.  I started MJB style solutions because I LOVE working with people like you:

  • Who are motivated to achieve some MAJOR GOALS whether professionally or personally

  • ​Who want a style that reflects your inner greatness and who you aspire to become

  • Who are ready to invest in themselves because first impressions only happen once!   

Let me help you use your personal style as an impactful tool to present yourself to the world in the best way possible. By simply aligning your style with your goals, you will look great, feel amazing and the necessary confidence is created! Once this happens, ALL GOALS are achievable.


I am more than a Personal Stylist, I AM A CONFIDENCE CREATOR!

  • Does your cluttered closet make it hard to get dressed?

  • Wish you had the perfect wardrobe for you lifestyle?

  • Don't know what to shop for or just hate shopping altogether?

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